Company news

Germany’s ​​DAX Grows From 30 to 40 Stocks

DAX 30 (Mini) is to welcome ten new companies on September 20, 2021, thus becoming DAX 40 (Mini).
FXOpen experts expect increased market volatility on September 17 and 20. It is highly likely that the expansion will be followed by more frequent and large dividend payments than we have previously

Changes in Trading Hours On US Labor Day

Dear Traders,
Due to the forthcoming Labor Day official federal holiday in the US, trading hours for some financial instruments will be changed. Please see the Monday, September 6 schedule below and consider this information as you plan your trading (all times given are GMT/UTC+3):

Metal CFDs:

  • Gold
FXOpen continues perfecting TickTrader

In July, FXOpen launched its own product, the TickTrader platform. A month later, we are proud to announce that the platform's functionality has expanded.

The number of available stock and ETF CFDs is already more than 500, and we have just added more popular instruments:

  • iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF