FX Market Masters August 2014: Ready to Compete for FXOpen PAMM?

FMM August 2014

FXOpen is happy to announce the continuation of the epic FX Market Masters’ tournament and invites everyone to the FX Market Masters August 2014. This new round of competition is scheduled from August 11th through September 5th. Registration is already open so do not hesitate!

No matter what skills or trading experience you have, the tournament is a great opportunity for you to practice, learn something new, and get a share of the US$4,500 prize and bonus fund.  

The contest rules are pretty simple but the prizes are quite impressive. We think the list below is worth it to participate!  The top winner is also awarded with an FXOpen PAMM ECN/STP account, which is a perfect first step to building a career as a PAMM Manager.

Top 5 prizes:

1st place – 68%*
2nd place –15%*
3rd place – 10%*
4th place – 4%*
5th place – 3%*
*- % of the competition prize fund or of the guaranteed prize, if the contest prize fund is less than US$1,500.

So join in, win, and get a PAMM account with a healthy deposit in it!

For more contest details, please go to Also follow the discussion on the FXOpen Forum.

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