Warning about fraudulent web-sites

Dear Clients,

We have to inform you that persons not affiliated with or related to FXOpen have been increasingly and with no legal permission using the FXOpen® trademark, as well as the registration and license data of the companies operating under the FXOpen trade name.

For instance, the sites (IP - and (IP - use the FXOpen® trademark in whole or in part with no authorization of from our company.

The site copies the design elements of and contains information on the registrations and licenses of the companies operating under the FXOpen trade name, although the above-indicated site is in no way related to any of the FXOpen companies. Similarly, the PAMM service offered on this site bears no relation to the one offered by FXOpen.

The site guarantees profit, thus the persons attracting investors` money via the specified site are engaged in unfair practices.

FXOpen hereby informs all existing and potential clients that the above-indicated sites are potentially fraudulent and operate to defraud users of their personal data, registration data and funds. 

By using these resources, you risk granting access to your personal data, losing control over your FXOpen accounts and losing your funds with no possibility to recover them. 

Please, be vigilant making decisions on investing your money.

Best regards,
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