Forex Finals. Round II: in Further Search of Talented PAMM Providers

ForexCup Team keeps searching for talented PAMM Providers and launches Round II of Forex Finals. The organizer is pleased to congratulate the best trader of Round I MaxZ on the impressive victory and invites new participants and those already registered to compete for the prize of the new tournament round.

What is Forex Finals?

Forex Finals is a long-term tournament on live accounts. It is aimed at defining the most skillful PAMM Provider, in other words, manager of other traders’ investments in Forex, who has to outscore rivals to defend the title of PAMM Master.  

As the previous round, the new one consists of 6 tours (7-12) lasting for 4 weeks each. At the end of each tour, the leading competitors score a certain number of points depending on the place they take. The participant winning the maximum number of points at the end of Tour 12 will be declared winner. He or she will be awarded the main prize of the tournament - PAMM ECNwith a $5,000 deposit. The total tournament prize fund exceeds $13,000.

Tournament Structure

• 6 tours (7-12);
• 1 tour lasts for 4 weeks. The best 10 participants make Top-10 of a tour.

Terms of Participation

  • CHANGES! ForexCup has changed the terms of registration: to enter the new tournament round a trader should have at least $100 on STP-account; 
  • one-time registration at any stage of the tournament;
  • participants in Round I of the tournament (Tours 1-6) don’t have to register again; the results of Round I are declared void;
  • trading with no restrictions: ForexCup allows to use any trading instruments available on FXOpen STP accounts and any trading strategies; Advisers (AEA, MEA, etc.) and any other standard MT4 software applications are permitted.

Find the detailed registration rules and participation terms at the ForexCup forum.


The participant scoring the maximum number of points at the end of Tour 12 will become the tournament winner. The points for getting into Top-10 are given as follows:

  • 1 place –maximum profit received – 25 points;
  • 2 place – 18 points;
  • 3 place – 15 points;
  • 4 place – 12 points;
  • 5 place – 10 points;
  • 6 place – 8 points;
  • 7 place – 6 points;
  • 8 place – 4 points;
  • 9 place – 2 points;
  • 10 place – 1 points.

Tour VII

We welcome you to join Tour VII of Forex Finals, which will be held on November 2-27, 2015. The prize fund of the tour amounts to $1,400. The winner gets PAMM STP with a $1,000 deposit. Those taking place two and three receive $200 and $100 respectively, those taking places four and five - $50 each.

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