Open FXOpen PAMM and Import Trading History from your FXOpen and Myfxbook Trading Accounts

FXOpen never ceases to improve its PAMM service by introducing new features for better performancе. The latest updates relate to the history of trading operations.

Now when creating a PAMM account as a Master you can import your past trading history from another account. Account equity, gain, drawdown and other PAMM account statistics will be calculated and displayed on performance charts as if you have been trading on a PAMM account from the start.  

This feature will help you showcase your trading experience to potential Followers at the early stages of setting up a PAMM account.


Trading history can be uploaded from another FXOpen account by specifying the account number or from Myfxbook  by entering a private link to your Myfxbook profile on the PAMM account opening form.

Find more about how to open a PAMM Account and become a PAMM Master here.

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