Forex Finals Tour XI: PAMM STP with 1,000 USD at Stake

FXOpen broker has been seeking and supporting talented traders for quite a long time. A good way to do that was to launch and sponsor the Forex Finals competition. This Forex trading contest on live accounts has been an effective tool for us to find outstanding PAMM account managers for almost a year. Together with ForexCup project we`ve organized 10 month-long tours, and now we are delighted to launch Tour XI. Welcome!
Just like the previous tours, Forex Finals XI has a PAMM STP-account with 1,000 USD at stake. From April 11th until May 6th, 2016 participants will compete for the prize fund of 1,400 USD. This sum of the prize money will be fairly split among the top-5 as follows:



  • 1 place – PAMM STP with 1,000 USD;
  • 2 place – 200 USD;
  • 3 place – 100 USD;
  • 4 place – 50 USD;
  • 5 place – 50 USD.

Start with an initial deposit of 100 USD and trade with no restrictions! We welcome the use of any trading instruments available on FXOpen STP accounts, any trading strategies, Advisors (AEA, MEA, etc.) and any other standard MT4 software applications. Registration in Forex Finals, Tour XI opened on March 29 and will last until the end of the tour.

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FXOpen would like to remind you that we are approaching the final Tour XII of Forex Finals Round II, which means the name of the ultimate winner is about to be revealed. He or she will be awarded a PAMM ECN account with a 5,000 USD deposit. The total tournament prize fund exceeds $13,000!

Note! Get registered in our Forex School (April) demo contest and get into Forex Finals Tour XII (May 16 - June 10) for free.

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