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New Monthly ForexCup Contest - Win $1050!

02/24/2012 01:01

New Monthly ForexCup Contest - Win $1050!

FXOpen offers $1050 to the winner of the monthly forex trading ForexCup contest "FX Market Masters March"

FXOpen increases prize money for the March’s monthly contest up to $3500. We are always looking for ways to keep you interested in ForexCup. And we believe that giving you a prospect to win a larger prize is a great way to spice up the competition! What is more, we increased the number of prize winning places, too! This time, top 30 traders will get the real money prize.

Sign up for FX Market Masters MARCH absolutely for free! All you need to do is trade, trade, trade... and make maximum profit in the Forex market!

At the start of the contest, each trader gets a demo account with $5000 starting balance. The contest is about to start on March 5, 2012 and will run through March 30th.

Registration for the contest has already started. Do not miss your chance to join! Sign up for free and receive real-money prizes. Detailed competition statistics is available in the ForexCup Trader's Personal Area (to view the statistics, sign in with your e-mail and MyFXOpen password).

Registration is open until March 3, 2012.

*All prizes will be paid to the winners' live FXOpen accounts and can be withdrawn without restrictions via any of the payment options available in MyFXOpen.

How To Join.

For more information, please, see our www.forexcup.com.

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