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About Us:

Dear Client,

We’re pleased to welcome FXOpen’s customers on our web-site and express our appreciation of your interest in our services. We assure you that you will receive the best possible services in the market as well as trade fairly, securely and with the latest and most advanced technological achievements.

It is our guiding principle to offer our clients only what traders really need and we have proved by our development track record to be true to this cause.

Long before the brokerage was even contemplated, we founded FXOpen as an educational center of technical analysis meeting the demand for specialized knowledge that ensures efficient trading. The launch of brokerage services in 2005 was only natural in order to satisfy the need for fair and transparent trading conditions with an excellent customer support. Then we realized that those skills and knowledge must be coupled with technological superiority in order to fully complement the traders’ war chest. Up to this date we see it as the pillar of our work to improve and create the most innovative solutions for trading activity.

Being the first one to introduce an innovative MT4 ECN in 2009 we provided retail traders with an access to the ECN market via the MetaTrader platform for the first time in history. Then we added PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) accounts to let investors view and control their managed accounts in the most transparent method possible. We didn’t stop at that and added 0.1 minimum lot on ECN. And there are much more pioneering features we intend to introduce in the coming months and years. We believe that this is only the beginning of what our clients really deserve.

We are with our customers daily. We constantly aid traders and improve conditions of their work by adding useful content such as up-to-date news, calendar and technical analysis to our homepage. We also believe that by letting traders start with Micro accounts we minimize their risks and provide them the learning curve they require before entering the market with larger amounts.

With us you can be sure of constant support, most convenient conditions and trader-oriented approach. We are committed to keep the course and spread our values and advantages to new regions of our presence. And with the overwhelming growing pace of the Company we believe that all this will ensure and keep guiding us in our quest to become world’s leading Forex brokerage.

Best regards,

FXOpen Team

Just as on its first day FXOpen continues to be guided by the same key principles – fair, professional and convenient trading conditions for its clients, and centers its work on constant upgrades and development of cutting-edge trading technologies.

Opened as an educational
center of technical
First broker to introduce
Micro accounts and Shari’a
compliant accounts.
To launch an extensive
partnership program and
first-ever traders’ FXOpen Knowledge Base.
Opened its brokerage service. Introduced the first ever
MT4 ECN coupled with
PAMM accounts and 0.1 lot execution.

Crowned Broker of the Year 2009 and Best Broker in the Middle East and Asia 2009

Unlike so many brokerages founded on commercial incentives FXOpen grew from bottom up. It was initially established by a group of Forex traders as an educational center. FXOpen’s founders realized that there was an overwhelming demand for a fair and transparent brokerage with a superior customer service in the market. This realization opened the way for FXOpen brokerage services in 2005. Focusing on meeting people’s interests, FXOpen was also the first one to realize that what traders really needed were Micro accounts and that the Islamic audience required a special type of Shari’a compliant accounts. It became a maxim for FXOpen to offer what its clients wanted, not the other way around.

Working from the very beginning with the world’s most wide-spread and user-friendly trading platform MetaTrader (MT4) FXOpen had gained the deepest knowledge possible about the technology. That’s why FXOpen decided to keep the best and most comfortable for our traders’ activity. On this basis FXOpen team started to look for and eventually developed a solution settling the conflict of the interest between Brokers and Traders. In 2009, the first ever MT4 ECN trading platform, coupled with 0.1 minimum lot, super-fast execution and advanced Money Management technology (PAMM accounts), was introduced to the market, thus, completing the ECN technological revolution in the MT4 FOREX trading environment.

Cutting-edge trading platform and products

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader platform is the most favorite in the world for its simplicity and convenience for users. It’s available for you in its latest version with all the necessary features and options for successful trading. You can easily keep on working wherever you like using your PDA or Smart Phone – we offer you MT4 platforms for all types of gadgets.

True ECN environment

FXOpen is the first company to offer MT4 ECN trading platform. It was introduced to provide retail traders with a fair opportunity to enjoy direct access to the Forex interbank market. Your orders are actually displayed in the market and are seen by others, who in turn can introduce their own orders and if the prices match, complete the deal.

PAMM service

If you want your money to be managed by a professional with a deep knowledge, vast experience and a solid track record, we offer you the most convenient, transparent and secure system – PAMM. It will allow you to choose the best manager for your funds, enjoy the profits of his/her work and still keep control of your money.

Excellent trading conditions

Other advantages

From its inception the principal goal of the company was to make trading fairer, more professional and convenient. Founded by traders it was created to pursue trader’s interests and has proved its commitment to this mission.

We know all ins and outs of FOREX trading.
We know what it takes to trade.
We know what pitfalls impede traders.

And with that knowledge we constantly aid traders and improve condition of their work!

Moreover, we are aware that in this ever-changing world your success significantly depends on whether you keep pace with the latest technologies. We don’t simply catch up with new achievements – we constantly improve, create, develop and introduce cutting-edge and trend-setting innovations ourselves. That is what helps us to be true and loyal to our goal – to make trading fairer, more professional and convenient for traders.

We believe that with the trader-oriented approach centered on technological innovations we can dramatically change the market to the benefit of traders. We have already proved to be the drivers of FX market development and we pledge to continue the course an even at a faster pace.

FXOpen believes that perseverance, analytical skills and a strong will is what it takes to really make it in this tough market. FXOpen practices what it preaches: traders ourselves we learned these values the hard way and we know that everybody needs some support along the way. Therefore, we uphold Forex traders by providing them different tools, knowledge and any other assistance they require.

We also selectively support various events akin to these values. We believe that having reached our maturity stage, now we can give a helping hand to people who share our vision, even if it's in a different market. For our sponsorship activity, please, see our forum's Live Events thread.

Success in FOREX trading depends on your knowledge, quick analysis and response to ever-changing environment. The same is true for many sports, but, in particular, drifting. FXOpen is pleased to sponsor this exciting, spectacular and courageous kind of motorsports, so popular among the active youth. The coverage of drifting competitions sponsored by the company is presented in FXOpen Motorsports forum thread.

Since December 2010, FXOpen has owned and managed its own StarCraft II professional team.
Star Craft II is a military science fiction real-time strategy game. It is high paced, highly skilled, and mostly entertaining to watch. Star Craft II current market of viewers is approximately 5 million people.

FXOpen e-Sports, the most recent branch of FXOpen, was formed to host and sponsor gaming events like the FXOpen Path of Ascension, and support a competitive team with a view to furthering e-Sports.
FXOpen has years of experience in event management, online marketing, and event promotion, and we know how to do things ‘right’. FXOpen e-Sports branch represents another venture as a business being backed by an already successful business. The vision for the team is excellence through hard work which has recently been proved extremely effective by many of our players.

With the BEST players from every continent, our own management team, multi-lingual streams, a live gaming house and a TV studio, as well as the industry’s highest prize pools, that are always paid promptly, FXOpen E-Sports have grown exponentially at a rate of approximately 200% per month and is second to none in the e-sports industry.

Our success is all due to our people. It's the driving force of the company, making FXOpen the driver of the whole market. Ambitious, agile in mind and innovative in spirit, quick to respond and dedicated to the Company's commitment - it's all common from our staff, uniting them and creating a truly encouraging team spirit. Our highly qualified and focused personnel combine expertise with reliability of character and dynamic nature to deliver the most excellent services our customers need.

We place high value on our people and support them in many ways. From professional development and self-realization to performance-related rewards and benefits, we are committed to all our staff. Facing challenges and seizing opportunities, our people develop their skills and establish their place at the forefront of the global financial market.

Aspiration for perfection, deep knowledge of the subject and innovative thinking dominate our team, nurturing talent and making FXOpen a very exciting and rewarding place to work at. So, if you think you can contribute to the richness and depth of talent in our team, we invite you to join us.

To get more information about your opportunities in FXOpen, please, e-mail your resume (with photo) and cover letter to hr@fxopen.com.
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FXOpen provides the same trading opportunities to individuals and private companies that have been traditionally only offered to large financial institutions.

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